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Atheeb Group is a major diversified group established since 1985, based in Saudi Arabia and operating across the Middle East and in the wider region, Atheeb Group succeeded in the market, and it is in the stage of expanding its business in the region. Its business activities focus on Shipping Stevedoring, Medical Services, IT & Telecommunications, Operations & Maintenance, Real Estate Investment, Contracting, Fund Investment and providing hard ware and services to the Military. Atheeb's Group workforce is about 7,000 people led by a professional and well-qualified management team. They are guided by a clear mission and vision for growth, and a set of core values that include quality, professionalism, highest level of ethics and social responsibility.


To provide in our region quality products and services to fulfill the requirments of:
  • Our customers
  • Our partners
  • Our companies
Based on mutual respect and trust.


To be recognized as a professional group to deliver exceptional services efficiently.


  • Strive to meet our customer's expectation.
  • To form selective alliances or partnerships with leading companies in each industry.
  • To enhance the employee skill, working environment and maximizing the owners return.


  • Tailor our vast capabilities to satisfy our customer's specific requirements .
  • Demonstrate the same care and concern for our alliance customers that they expect from a true partner .
  • use the most efficient/effective means possible to satisfy all business requirements through :
    • Innovative management and dynamic leadership .
    • Creating a team work environment.
    • Continuous total quality improvement.
    • Continuous work ethics improvement.
    • Continuous care and training of our employees.

Code Of  Ethics

Atheeb Group takes pride in its reputation for maintaining the highest standards of business conduct, which are based on sound ethical principles.
Atheeb Group Code of Ethics an instrument structured to reflect the key ethical principles to which Atheeb is committed and expects all its Stakeholders to embrace as the minimum guidelines for ethical business conduct at the corporate level.
This Code is mainly addressed to the Directors and Employees of Atheeb Group and its Affiliated Entities, Subsidiaries, Consultants, Collaborators, Attorneys, Suppliers, Customers, Business Partners, Shareholders, Financial Institutions, Representatives or any individual or party acting on behalf of Atheeb Group.

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  • IT and Telecommunications
    • IMEL Middle East(Muscat).
    • IMEL Middle East(Doha).
  • Equestrian
    • Athbah Racing.
    • Athbah Arts.
    • International Arabian Halter Horses.
  • Trading Services
    • Atheeb Establishment.
    • Alkhaleejie for Trading Services.
  • Catering Services
  • Holding
  • Seaport Operation
  • Technical and Military Services
  • Professional, scientific and technical activities
  • Real Estate Development
    • Bawani for Real Estate Development.
    • Mawtin Almaarifah.
  • Maintenance and Environmental Services
  • Media and Communication
    • Atheeb Media and Communication Company.
  • Investment
  • Social Development
    • Abdulaziz Ahmad Abdulaziz Humanitarian Foundation.
    • Atheeb Social Development.
    • National Prevention of Blindness Committee.
    • Prevention of Blindness Union.
    • International Agency for Prevention of Blindness.
    • Saudi Ophthalmology Society.
    • Middle East Africa Council of Ophthalmology.
    • Arabian Horse Organization.


Leica Geosystems

Airbus Helicopters


Abdulaziz Ahmad Al Saud

Chairman Message

Chairman Message Since its inception, in 1985, Atheeb Group has adopted a well-defined strategy that combines business objectives with social responsibility.
Our journey has continued towards establishing local and global partnerships based on quality, professionalism and value creation for Atheeb, its partners and its customers, by capitalizing on the cumulative experience Atheeb has accumulated across the various sectors and fields in which it operates, as well as its exceptional cadre of distinguished young Saudi talents, through which it continues to deliver innovative services and solutions, and implement pioneering projects.

We have successfully established a prominent position and reputation at local, regional and international levels through our focus on integrity, credibility and quality to achieve the satisfaction of our customers and partners, accompanied with our continued relentless pursuit of growth and development at all levels.

We pride ourselves today on being a well-established reputable Saudi group of companies operating as a unified national organization, united by one future vision with the ultimate goal of being a pioneering entity in supporting the national transformation to build a vibrant society and a thriving economy that creates opportunities for all and equips the youth with the necessary skills for future jobs, while providing economic opportunities for entrepreneurs to meet the aspirations of the Saudi leadership to achieve the goals of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, under the support and patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and the leadership of His Highness the Crown Prince.

Abdulaziz Ahmad Abdulaziz Humanitarian Foundation

Social Development
Abdulaziz Ahmed Abdulaziz Humanitarian Foundation was established to serve sustainable humanitarian and social development in the Kingdom through programs and projects that help meet the needs of society and solve the problems it faces to contribute to prosperous and improved living conditions for all. The Abdulaziz Ahmed Abdulaziz Humanitarian Foundation aims to care for the disabled in general and the visually impaired in particular, providing them with medical and vocational rehabilitation services. It also supports and promotes humanitarian initiatives and offers scholarships and educational programs for Saudi youth to raise social awareness, develop a spirit of social interaction, and prepare them to contribute to a positive impact and change in society. .

  • Combating disabilities, particularly visual disabilities.
  • Providing social, vocational, and medical rehabilitation and therapy for the disabled and autistic.
  • Providing scholarship programs for children of families in need.
  • Conducting and supporting research and field studies on disability.
  • Training and educating Saudi youth of families in need.
  • Supporting and sponsorship of events, conferences, and humanitarian initiatives.

The Foundation aims to build close relationships between itself and members of society for continuous development and to encourage the participation of community members in social and cultural activities.

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Atheeb Group

  • (Main Office)
    • Olaya Street
    • Sericon Buildings (No:16)
    • Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
    • P.O.Box 7947
    • Riyadh 11472
    • Tel: +966 181371111
    • Fax: +966 11 4656257
  • Atheeb (UK) Ltd.
    • 23 WOOD'S MEWS
    • LONDON W1K 7DH
    • Tel: +44 20 74910070
    • Fax: +44 20 74939814

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